Financial Management

Not only contractually secured cash flows, in particular the simulation upon expiration of a contract creates a great opportunity within the planning. The proactive simulation of capital market and shareholder loans, the optimal use of mortgage lending or the variation of hedging contracts with an impact on total capital is the subject matter of this segment.

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Contract-based mapping

With the RE-VC BP Financial Management, you get a detailed, contract-specific view of existing loan agreements. On this basis, you can create precise debt service and liability forecasts. Interest rate hedging transactions (Swaps) are also taken into account and updated in scenarios by a global interest rate series forecast.

Development and KPIs

Complemented by the effects of imputed (re-) financing from purchases and sales as well as CAPEX, a reliable picture of the future debt service, the development of covenants and KPIs (including LTV, DSCR, etc) is created. The forecast for the development of debt service is automatically integrated into corporate and investment planning. In this way, for example, the effects of interest rate changes on total assets can be analyzed and compared in scenarios.

Full integration

Working on the same value network (Value Net) also provides an opportunity to expose planning to detailed stress tests.

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TOP features of our software solution for the financial management in the real estate industry:

Contract-specific loan illustration

This is supported by a loan calculator for the simulation of the interest and repayment plan.

Shareholder loan

With the creation of shareholder loans, borrower and lender are served equally.

Swap Transactions

It is possible to create swaps with the common rules and margins.

Simulation of change in interest rates

Various domestic and foreign reference interest rates are available.

Import of interest rate series

An import of the interest rate series of the EZB is possible.

Individual configuration of the covenants

With an individual setup, the covenants can be mapped contract-specific.

Debt service and liability forecast

As well as the simulation of special repayment and/or redemption of loans.

Performance monitor with more than 10 KPIs in the finance sector

This sector is also provided with special KPIs to analyze the financing.

FAQ and answers relating finanical management

FAQ according to keyword in alphabetical order:

Interest series: Are there other reference interest rates than the Euribor?

Yes, Libor, Stibor, Eonia and more.

Number of currencies: How many currencies can be created in the RE-VC?

For each country in which real estate or corporations are managed, the corresponding currency can be included. There is no cap on currencies.

Simulation of interest rate: Is it possible to simulate different interest rate statements to one loan?

Yes, that can be analyzed (among other things) using different scenarios.

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